Under 15s

Managed by Mark Worsdale, the Under 15s side are members of the South Cheshire Junior Cricket League, playing in the West Division. Each team play the others once and the leading teams play cross divisional matches to determine the league champions. The cup competition is not regionalised.

All matches are played on Wednesday evenings, 20 overs per side, using pink cricket balls.


04-May-16 Chester Boughton Hall CC H
18-May-16 Oulton Park CC A
25-May-16 Nantwich CC H
08-Jun-16 Aston CC H
15-Jun-16 Alsager (Cup) H
06-Jul-16 Tattenhall CC A
13-Jul-16 Crewe CC H

Competition Rules are as follows:


  • To be eligible for the U15 competition players must have been under the 15 or 17 for girls on September 1st preceding year. The following special regulations shall apply.
  • Fixtures are to be played on Wednesday of the week designated, unless an alternative date, which must be no later than the Friday of that week, is officially agreed on the fixture list.
  • Change to this date only if, both managers agree, and the League and Fixture Secretary’s have been informed at least 7 days before. The change must be to another night in the same week, Friday at the latest. This change is only permissible for clubs hosting county or representative matches on the day.
  • In the event of a team being unable to fulfil the match will be awarded to their opponents.
  • In the event of a match not being completed (excluding those subject to rule 24 above) the points for a no result will be awarded to both teams.
  • Result sheets or Score Sheets, from the HOME team, must be received by the Fixture Secretary within 3 days of the Competition of the match, E-Mail is the best method if available. Or entered onto Play Cricket.
  • Points will be awarded as follows:- Win 12 points, Tie 3points plus bonus points, Cancelled 4 points. Abandoned 4 points. Concessions 12 points

Losing team receives the following bonus points:

Bonus Points

Batting 75 runs 1 point, 100 runs 2 points, 125 runs 3 points

Bowling 5 wickets 1 point, 7 wickets 2 points, 9 wickets 3 points

If the match is abandoned and the bonus points achieved are more than 4 points then the team keep this total instead of abandoned points.

  • Games will be played on Cricket Club squares, either grass or artificial surface, clubs to notify secretary before season starts. . Clubs using Artificial Surfaces should contact the opposition at least 48 hours before the game to confirm.
  • Teams will consist of 11 players.
  • The wickets to be pitched 22 yards apart, but this may be altered to suit the organisers of the two teams involved.
  • A batsman must retire after reaching a score of 40 runs and will not be permitted to return at the end of the innings.
  • Matches are to consist of 20 6-ball overs per innings, except in rain or light-affected matches when the two Managers can agree, to play a match of at least 10 overs per innings. Such agreement must be made before the toss. The overall number of overs shall be reduced with accordance with the following table
Minutes lost before start Overs lost Overs remaining Overs per team Maximum overs per bowler
15 4 36 18 4
30 10 30 15 4
45 16 24 12 3
60 20 20 10 2
  • If the second innings are unable to complete 10 overs then the match shall be deemed as abandoned. The game is considered complete when 10 overs of the second innings are completed. The winner shall be the one with the highest total when the runs are divided by the number of overs.
  • No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs per 20-over match, such maximum to be reduced proportionately with matches of fewer than 20 as specified in rule 99.
  • Matches are to start promptly at 6-00pm. Captains will toss for choice of innings no later than 5.50pm. If one team is not able to make the toss by 5.50pm the other team automatically has the choice of whether to bat or bowl.
  • The length of the pitch for these matches shall be 22 yards and the boundaries are recommended to be between 50 and 65 yards from the stumps
  • A 51/2 ozs cricket ball must be used in all matches. The wearing of approved protective helmets by both batsmen and wicketkeepers, is compulsory. Wicket keepers may wear a wicket keeper face protector
  • If the runs scored by both sides are equal after the full allocation of overs have been bowled, the result is a tie.


  • The condition of the ground, and if it is fit to play, is the sole responsibility of the home team.
  • If the game has started, and either umpire or qualified coach believe the conditions are not fit to play, then the game should stop.

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