Under 11s

Managed by John Young, the under 11s side play friendly cricket in the North Cheshire Junior Cricket Association. They play pairs cricket, so that everyone gets a bat and we usually work it so that everyone but the wicketkeeper gets to bowl.

Matches are played with a hard ball and the club provides helmets, pads, gloves and bats if required. Players will need an abdominal protector, but a stock of spares is available if needed.

Home matches take place on Wednesday evenings, away matches on any weekday evening.


2016 11s fixtures

Competition rules are as follows:

NCJCA Friendly Matches – Rules U11

UNDER 11 CRICKET RULES (2011 Version)

  1. 10 per side, batting as 5 pairs for 4 overs per pair. Hence 20 overs per innings.
  2. Runs begin at 200, with 4 runs lost for each wicket.
  3. Batsmen swap ends when a wicket falls, unless the end of an over.
  4. Maximum of 4 overs per bowler.
  5. Wides count as TWO extra runs. An extra ball is not added, unless it is the last over of the innings.
  6. No-balls count as one extra run, and an extra ball is added.
  7. The LBW rule will not apply as a means of dismissal
  8. In Knockout matches, in the case of a tie in ‘net’ score, the winner is the side scoring the most runs.
  9. Pitch length: 20 yards.
  10. 4.75 oz. Ball (as U13)
  11. Small stumps, if available.
  12. Matches start at 6.30pm, unless otherwise agreed between team organisers

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